Information for parents / caregivers

Mōhiohio mā ngā mātua / kaitiaki

Thanks for taking part in Kia Māia te Whai Dare to Explore!

By supporting your tamariki with their reading and challenges you will help them:

  • Maintain or improve their reading skills
  • Grow their love of pukapuka (books) and reading
  • Become confident and comfortable library users
  • Have fun and enjoy an adventurous time with the whole whānau.

Please note: The downloadable activity sheets were originally created for use during summer 2019/2020 so include some references and activities that are not appropriate at this time. Please adjust these activities to follow Level 4 COVID-19 measures on the New Zealand government COVID-19 website.

Tips for parents/caregivers

We want to acknowledge your enthusiasm and drive to support your child in developing a reading culture. 
Here are a few tips to help you encourage your child’s reading:

Make reading fun

Make it an event by creating a family reading night and serving ice cream sundaes, or act out a story together.

Make reading a family ritual

Read regularly with your kids, a small amount each day is all it takes.

Share stories with your children

Talk to them about the funny things they did when they were younger, or when you were younger, or look at old photos.

Set an example

Kids are more likely to want to read if they see you reading too.  If you are not a regular reader encourage them to read to you or talk to them about the books they have read.

Praise and encourage your child

Encourage them to pick their own books or give them a choice of different books. If your child starts a book but doesn’t finish it, that’s okay.  Praise them for trying or getting through a difficult book.

Explore what Auckland Libraries has to offer!

We are not just about books, we also have movies, read-along audiobooks, as well as a whole world of digital resources for you to explore. 

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