Review: Superman and the Utopia on Uranus

Superman and the Utopia on Uranus

Superman and the Utopia on Uranus

Steven Korté

Happy Exciting Cool Sci-fi Science

First of all the starting of the story was, Super man was in his disguise working in his office when he got a call from the star scientist lab he went there as fast. He went to the scientist who had called him. They went to the top secret room when the scientist showed this black thing orbiting uranus. superman asked what that was. " scientist what Wh... exactly is that. I don't Know superman yopu'll have to go check. Superman went with speed of light when he reached he saw that it was utopia. superman promised utopia that he can come back when earth orbits the sun. utopia noticed who was standing on uranus they clashed in to each other as soon as they met. then they both fell to the ground when Utopia said' you said that I can come after earth orbits the sun. '' why don't you come when venus orbits the sun which is 100 years. I really don't know about this orbiting well this is the end of the story. By Abdullah S

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